Linda Verin, President

Ms. Verin began her career with one of the top advertising agencies in the country – Doyle, Dane, Bernbach.  She then went on to work in the ad department of Pacific Stereo, a large retail electronics chain, and was quickly promoted to S. Ca. ad manager servicing over 20 stores with a big multi-media ad budget in a very competitive market.  The nationwide chain sold out to CBS and Verin started her own chain of electronics stores in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and Alabama.  Linda did all the marketing for Soundtrak developing a TV character, Linda Soundtrak, that was better known to the people of Oklahoma than their governor.  Soundtrak was the recipient of many consumer electronics industry awards as well as advertising awards. You can still catch Linda Soundtrak on YouTube if you search for her. Verin also worked for the largest car dealer in Alabama, the Birmingham Business Journal, the Birmingham Weekly and a bi-partisan political PAC to elect more women to office in Alabama.  She has been president of ATW for 10 years.

Rick Clay, CFO

Formerly president of Long’s Electronics and Soundtrak, Mr. Clay is an experienced financial manager who also set up an exclusive call tracking data base for Goldberg Attorneys.

Lee Lichter, Event Planner

Formerly with Paperworks, a division of City Paper, Ms. Lichter has an organized but creative bent that makes every event a success.